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About Us


About Us

Why Choose Us

The Virtual Vision came into being with the idea of serving people regardless of geographical boundaries. We have absolute faith in the power of the digital world and our company has been established to harness the wondrous miracles of the virtual world.
We provide diverse online services to our prestigious clients who are found in every corner of the globe. Our record for providing exceptional services in unbelievable prices has earned us a name in virtual solution providers.

Filling the void
The freelance industry has been booming since last decade but what’s missing is the “responsibility” factor. There is usually no support from freelancers – especially if they are individuals. Also, a lot of individuals/companies have been offering various diversified services online but mostly, they are scattered. Very few credible sources exist online that provide whole package, one-in-all bundle, an ultimate shop for all your business needs.
We saw that void and decided to fill it with “The Virtual Vision” where our clients will find a wholesome deal with proper responsibility and support. We are a virtual company which takes cares of your business requirements. We believe in providing complete solutions - from planning to execution and then support. Your business becomes our passion and its success means our victory.

Our Areas of Expertise
We have dedicated our energies to six different areas - education, software development, web development, online marketing, virtual office assistance and textile design. We have comprehensive services in each category. There are a number of solutions in each field for the convenience of our clients so they can choose a component or whole package.
Being the robust young organization, our prime focus is to deliver the best solutions to our clients until they are satisfied. Our support team is 24/7 available as we would like to help our customers as soon as they need us.

Our Team – Our Backbone
We have a dedicated team for each category. Our team is a balanced combination of full-time employees and part-time staff. We have hired professionals belonging to different areas of expertise.
Our company culture is very open and promotes innovation and creativity. We believe in giving our employees complete liberty and freedom. We disseminate the authority and responsibility to our people. The Virtual Vision is a task-oriented organization who gives the power to its employees.
We take care of our employees and in return our employees make sure that our clients are always happy and satisfied.

For us, the mantra is simple, “let’s do our best".

Our Services Execution Cycle

Marketing and Pre-Execution Phase

This is the first phase of our services execution cycle which consist of marketing, negotiating with clients, planning and analysis of work, providing initial feasibility report to client and finalizing terms and conditions including financial matters, deadlines, quality assurance and support.

Execution Phase

In this phase, a specific set of HR is assigned to a project including project managers, task execution professionals and quality assurance staff. During this execution phase all these professional stakeholders keep on working on their assigned tasks and deliver output before the deadline.

Support Phase

In this phase, you will be able to test and asses our delivered services and if you find any issues/shortcomings then you can let us know and we will ensure to fulfill all your requirements. The duration of support phase is defined in the initial terms and conditions document of an agreed project.

Our Services