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Online Teaching / Online Tutoring Courses

Education is a part of life. We never stop learning. Although as we grow old and start our professional lives, the traditional education vanishes but it doesn’t mean we don’t need it. Especially, in current times it is really important to stay abreast with updated trends of our specialized fields.
We need flexible teaching institutes that caters to our specific needs and modify its teaching methodologies keeping in mind our weaknesses and strengths.
The Virtual Vision, being the progressive company, invested its time in creating a comprehensive solution for people in need of online schools. Our Human Resource department hunted down the best teachers who are passionate about transmitting their knowledge and wisdom. Also, they love technology and its ability to reach anywhere anytime.
We decided upon three areas;

  • Preparatory courses
  • Professional courses
  • Personalized student coaching

Preparatory Courses
There are so many young people who want to enter their desired university or land a perfect job, but they don’t know where to start and how to prepare for their entrance test in limited time.
The Virtual Vision drafted all-inclusive courses for various preparatory tests. Our agenda was to prepare students completely in limited time.
Our Human Resource department has gathered teachers who have years of experience not only in teaching the subject but also getting students ready for interviews because we all know it, interviews are the deciding factor and they are even tougher than the test.

Professional Courses
Having a grasp on more than one area is a great edge professionally – it makes you be more helpful to your company and you can also do a part time gig to earn extra bucks with your extra skills.
The Virtual Vision offers a number of courses like Web Development, Web Designing, SEO and Content Development. We enable our students to start working in a professional environment.
The success of our Online Teaching depends on our experienced teachers. For professional subjects, we have hired professionals who have been working in the relevant fields for years. Their portfolio has plenty of examples to impress you. These teachers show their students practical aspect of the subject in addition to the theoretical knowledge.

Personalized student coaching
We cover a number of study areas for students who are having trouble studying and understanding the core concepts of a subject. It is a common occurrence that often students are hesitant to ask questions or clear their concept because they are shy. Sometimes it is hard to raise your hand and ask a simple question in class because of peer pressure or fear of being labeled stupid.
The teachers at Virtual Vision are aware of students’ psyche and they make sure to provide a comfortable and friendly learning environment so that students can actually focus without any fear, hesitance or shyness.

Advantages of Online Learning with The Virtual Vision

  • We are cost-effective; you won’t have to pay as much as you pay to a traditional institute.
  • We offer flexible timings – you chose your own schedule and your teacher will follow it.
  • Since a single teacher is tutoring a single student at a time, his complete focus and attention is on the student – which proves to be a perfect learning environment for a student.
  • Our teachers are experienced and experts in their respective subjects. Not only that, The Virtual Vision has hired teachers who are extremely passionate about their profession.
  • The Virtual Vision has designed all the courses in assistance with qualified educationists. We have kept all the factors like limited time, online teaching, diverse subjects etc in mind while crafting our wide-ranging courses.
  • We provide diverse learning materials like videos, documents, webinars etc. In some of our courses, we even allow our students to take part in real life projects for better understanding.
  • Our test processes are thorough and intense. We make sure to set the toughest examination for students in order to prepare them for the real world situations.

If you are looking for a reliable online teaching institute, we will be more than happy to serve you.
Please feel free to contact us to share your educational requirements and have an expert advice.


Preparatory Courses

  • English Language Preparatory Courses
  • Aptitude Test Preparations
  • Job Test Preparations
  • University Admissions Test Preparations

Professional Courses

  • Web Development
  • Web Designing
  • SEO
  • Professional Content Development Courses

Personalized Student Coaching

  • Engineering
  • English
  • IT and Comp Sciences
  • Business and marketing Courses
  • Law
  • Others as Requested
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